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Scammers ripping off people I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMAPANY!! They ripping off people! I had a really bad experience with them! After I had a problem with my door I looked online and called them without checking any reviews (bad move) explained them over the phone what's the problem and the guy said someone is coming in 30minutes and the fees are £49 plus the parts if he needs to change some. The guy arrived on time he looked at the door and I was told that can't be fixed without taking off the door case mechanism and he needs to buy one and that costs between £100-£300 because it's very expensive one, I said ok without knowing the prices and anything about this trade. After 1 hour the guy came back moaning that he was struggling to find this mechanism and I'm lucky the price he charged was £252 without vat! At the end I paid £373 including vat and labour. Next day I took my old mechanism to a local locksmith and I was told that can be fixed a broken spring with £20! Also a new one costs between £30-£70

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