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Pretty poor service. Tried to rent a flt via this agency. The landlord did not accept the offer and it was not clear why the offer was rejected. Once the agency said that the are looking for someone to move in immediately, the other day they say that the landlord wants to rent for 6 months only and that the proposed move in date would not be the problem. Asked for a holding deposit but didnt take the offer off the market after the deposit was payed. To me it looks like they are asking more than one party for holding deposits and give the landlord a selection to choose the best one. Did not pay back the deposit after the offer was rejected. Needed to call them on a daily basis just to get excuses every day why the money has not been transferred. A letter after the legal deadline to pay back the money and reminding them that they are unlawfully retaining the deposit helped. Overall the experience was the worst I had with estate agencies so far and if you makes business with them and transfer money then be prepared that you need to run after it.

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