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I'm currently too angry to even express how appalling this agency has treated us - the contempt, the ridiculous fees, the lies, the mis-selling, the inability to actually do anything to help us.

Two tenants in our flat have developed asthma symptoms due to the damp in our flat that the agency and the council were repeatedly informed of. The agency lied to me about communicating with the landlord (I contacted him seperately so I know they lied) and used this to stall doing any works on the basically falling apart flat with no boiler and broken doors and damp everywhere. They decribe my attempt to complain rationally as abusive and then attempted to deny this when I confronted them in writing.

My life has been torn apart finanacially, physically and emotionally by this agency who can't even talk to me like I'm a human being.

Please, if you do anything, take a stand and use another agency or find a private landlord and don't support an agency that holds contempt for human beings. I had to pay in excess of £100 fees just to escape this agency.   09-04-15